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Trending Sports News is a sports driven website and a community for sports lovers.

This is the new hub for the sports and development community to share knowledge, coordinate with each other and create partnerships. 

If you are a sports fan then you have landed on the right platform as fans not only follow sports but feel sports. Sports and patriotism are the two emotions which drive the nation towards unity and enthusiasm. We are now like an institution with an innate interest in sport and which has been backing all athletic activity with whole-hearted zeal. 


“When people throw stones at you, you turn them into milestones”.  Sachin Tendulkar

Some sports stories not only tell us about the success stories or losing rates but also about the real struggle the person or the team goes through behind reaching that certain platform and how they fight back to achieve their goals.

“When the desire for success does not let you sleep, when there is nothing better than hard work, when you do not get tired after working continuously, understand that you are going to create a new history of success”.  Neeraj Chopra

Some sports stories inspire and motivate us to go beyond our comfort zone and achieve some unachievable heights, some unachieved goals and to create history.

Here we are with engaging and informative content on mainstream sports like cricket, badminton, tennis, hockey, football, etc and some main events like Olympics, World Cups and Common Wealth Games.

We bring the latest events, sports stories and news to you. For upcoming events and latest sports news visit our events, news and blog sections.

Our Mission

Trending Sports News is the new hub for the sport and development community to share knowledge, build good practice, coordinate with others and create partnerships.

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